About us

Hi there, let me introduce myself.
I'm Marlèna and I give vegan, ecological cooking workshops.
I became a vegetarian about 18 years ago and in 1999 I decided to become a vegan because I felt I could more. Then  there were hardly any dishes for vegetarians and this needed to be changed!

In Western/European restaurants they would give you a plate with salad and that was about as far as you’d come to vegetarian food J . Luckily we’re move a step further and the choice has improved. But this is not the case for vegans unless you go to a restaurant with a specific eastern cuisine.There you always score!
Vegan cooking workshops
There's plenty of choice for vegetarians these days, but not yet enough for vegans. That's why I came up with the idea to give vegan cooking workshops with an Asian twist.
My workshops are not only for vegans and vegetarians but also for the people who want something different or just want one day in the week without meat or fish.

We live in a very busy society and it’s sometimes hard to eating healthy meals. We simply don’t have the time. When you come home late at night from your work and don't have the energy to cook a but I know my workshop could be the answer.

 I can teach you how to cook a delicious and healthy meal quickly.
Cooking with Heart and Soul!
Eating well and cooking is my passion and the world is my kitchen where my cultural Maluku  and Indian background are accents within my food style. Helping you experience with the wonderful flavours, ingredients, spices and herbs from planet earth..
A taste from Heaven! 
My workshop will teach you how to cook recipes which offer:
…..tastes which are refreshing and mild, it’s not only about hot peppers.
…..eating in harmony with nature and with much respect for the animals.
It's not Magic, everybody can learn it!
Are you up for the challenge? If you have any questions after reading this at all or interested to
join the workshop then you can email or call me.

Maybe I'll see you at the workshops.

Heavenly greetings
Marlèna PitamberSingh-Sihasale

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